Televue NP101

 with FeatherTouch and MicroTouch Focusers


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Saguaro Cliffs


Las Cienegas

Light Box Construction


TVNP101 with Feather Touch Focuser

Grand Canyon Star Party 2005 Travel Log

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In the beginning... Preparing for Surgery  The Starizona OTA Tail Adapter

Televue out, FeatherTouch in. MicroTouch in.  The focuser's new home...

This is the Televue NP101 with the addition of the FeatherTouch focuser (full model) and the Starizona MicroTouch motorized autofocuser.

The Starizona MicroFocuser system consists of a motor that mounts in place of the brass fine focus knob on the focuser, a wireless transmitter/controller and a wireless receiver.